ECED Awards

The Margaret and Peter Lukasevich Memorial Prize in Early Childhood Education and Wendy K. Sutton Graduate Scholarship in Early Childhood Literacy are merit-based awards that are awarded to Faculty of Education graduate students who are making the most outstanding contributions in the field of Early Childhood Education. Most Faculty of Education graduate students are eligible to apply on an annual basis (see criteria below). Graduate students should discuss whether they meet the criteria and should apply for one or both of these awards with their Supervisor or Graduate Advisor. Details of what to include in application packages are described below.

Award Descriptions

The Lukasevich Memorial Graduate Prize is a $2,100 prize endowed in memory of Margaret and Peter Lukasevich by their daughters, Dr. Ann Lukasevich and Mrs. Margaret Tousignant. It is awarded to a graduate student whose scholarly work informs practice in early childhood education. Preference will be given to students who have experience working with, or teaching, young children between the ages of three and eight. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

A $1,500 scholarship has been endowed by Dr. Wendy K. Sutton, a specialist in children’s literature and a dedicated educator, for an Education graduate student whose scholarly work advances the understanding and practice of early childhood literacy, with priority given to those focusing on the preschool years. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


  1. To be eligible for these UBC-administered awards (scholarships and prizes), students must be a UBC-V Faculty of Education full-time graduate student. Magistral students on the part-time fee payment schedule (Schedule B) are not eligible to apply. To be eligible, Magistral students must be on the full-time fee payment schedule (Schedule A). All Doctoral students are on a full-time fee payment schedule.
  2. To be eligible to apply, students must have been officially registered in the Faculty of Education at UBC-V in the last academic year AND the current academic year. Students who were On Leave or On Financial Hold during last academic year and/or the current academic year are not eligible to apply.


Submission dates for the 2019/2020 Lukasevich and Sutton awards will be announced in late fall.

How to Apply

Students must prepare an application package to apply for awards as described below. Application packages assembled by students should include (see below for detailed instructions):

  1. Award Cover Sheet
  2. A 250 word (maximum) student statement explaining how you meet the award criteria
  3. A sealed reference letter from an Education faculty member addressing how you meet the award criteria
  4. A completed graduate student CV
  5. All post-baccalaureate transcripts (including UBC transcripts)

Graduate students must download and complete the appropriate Award Cover Sheet for each application package. Downloadable forms are below.

The Award Cover Sheets ask for program and contact information, provide terms of reference for awards and also provide a checklist to assist graduate students with ensuring all their supporting documentation is included in application packages they submit to their academic units.

Cover Sheets

For each application package, graduate students must submit a 250-word statement in which they clearly explain how they meet the criteria for the award to which they are applying. See above 'Prize/Scholarship Descriptions' for full descriptions of the criteria.

Student statements must be 250 words maximum, double-spaced, and in Arial 12 font.

Students must submit a sealed reference letter from an Education faculty member addressing how you meet the award criteria with their application package.

Graduate students must download (from this web page) and include a separate graduate student CV template for each application package they are submitting. Separate CVs are needed for the separate application packages.

The graduate student CV is available here: graduate student CV (students must use this template).

Students must submit all post-baccalaureate transcripts (including UBC transcripts). Certified department copies are acceptable. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant in your department if you have questions about obtaining certified copies.

*** Past awardees were successful due to: a strong student statement relevant to the award; an exceptional CV; a high GPA; and a strong letter of reference.