Student Resources

Graduate Students

Planning your program of Study

It is expected that a provisional program of studies will be planned jointly by each student and supervisor, and filed by the student during the first term of studies. This may be revised in accordance with regulations as the students’ research interests develop or circumstances change. Changes will be filed by the student with approval from the supervisor. Programs deviating from requirements should be approved by the Graduate Advisor. To submit your program of study, complete the Graduate Program of Study (PGS) form found on the Forms page and submit it to your Graduate Program Assistant.

Program Requirements

See our Graduate Programs page for an outline of course requirements for your program.

Certificate and Diploma Students

Program requirements for Certificate and Diploma Programs can be found on our Certificate and Diploma Programs page.

Minor Students

Program requirements for the Minor can be found on our ECED Minor page. If you have questions about adding an ECED Minor to your program, please consult with your Arts Advisor.

UBC Policies

Full information about UBC governing policies for all ECED programs (Minor, Diplomas and Certificates, and Graduate programs) can be found on the UBC Academic Calendar, including UBC academic dates and deadlines, admissions, tuition and student fees, and policies and regulations.

Graduate Policies

The ECED graduate program in governed by policies and procedures set forth by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Full information about academic policies for all aspects of your graduate program can be found on their website. If you need assistance with any graduate policy, contact your Graduate Program Assistant. Important policies regarding your program include:

Maintaining Registration and Student Fees

All graduate students, Master’s and Doctoral, are required to maintain their registration status on the Student Service Centre (SSC). Failure to do so can lead to ineligibility to receive awards and other funding. Please see the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Policy and Procedures page.

Leaves of Absence

Students thinking they may need to take a leave from their academic program should begin the process well in advance of their actual leave. Note that the Faculty of Graduate & Post-Doctoral Studies has final decision authority on all requests for a Leaves from a program.

Leaves of Absences provide a mechanism for graduate students to temporarily interrupt their course of study and remain registered in the program for reasons including: parental responsibilities; health reasons; professional reasons; personal reasons; or, to pursue a second course of study. The goal is to support students as they balance their academic pursuits and the other demands of life, as well as to ensure consistency of approach. Details of the Leave of Absence policy include:

  • A leave of absence will normally begin on the first day of September, January, or May and will be granted for a period of four, eight, or twelve months.
  • In most cases, students cannot receive awards while they are on a leave of absence. Students will receive the balance of their awards when they return to full-time registration status.
  • The total duration of all leaves of absence granted in a graduate program is normally limited to 24 months for a doctoral student and to 12 months for a master’s student, except for Leave to Pursue a Second Program of Study.

For more information, see G+PS’s Leaves of Absence page or contact your Graduate Program Assistant.

The Faculty of Education recognizes that graduate students also require scholarly, career, and personal support while attending UBC. Numerous units on campus aim to provide services that fulfill these needs.

Student Accommodation Services

  • Student Housing and Hospitality services provides accommodation for almost 7,000 single students, student families, faculty and staff. The goal is to provide an environment that helps students to succeed, both academically and socially.
  • Child Care Services operates licensed group care for children infants to school age as well as a preschool program and independent kindergarten.

Career Services

  • UBC Career Services assist students in translating their UBC experience into a successful and rewarding career. They also help employers connect with UBC students and graduates. Register online using your Campus-wide Login (CWL) and you gain access to a myriad of services and job postings.
  • Graduate Pathways to Success (GPS) program offers a wide range of personal and professional development topics to support students throughout their degree.

Counselling Services

  • Counselling Services offers free and confidential counselling for UBC students wanting assistance with a wide range of concerns including depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, and other personal difficulties. Services are provided by registered clinical counsellors, registered social workers, registered psychologists, and supervised master’s practicum trainees as well as pre-doctoral and post-doctoral interns. Initial appointments are available by dropping by Counselling Services or calling 604.822.3811.
  • The Scarfe Free Counselling Clinic offers help with stress-management (work, home, school stress), anxiety, depression, school and relationship issues. The clinics runs from September to April.

See our Contact Us page for information on who to contact should you have any questions about your program.